Driveway Cleaning Service

Drives Cleaned and re-sanded from £80

Call the Exterior Cleaning Co for the best driveway cleaning service. It is time that you give your driveway a thorough clean look as it deserves to be washed. The ages of dust, oils and debris have just faded away the natural shiny surface and has given it a dirty look.

We at the Exterior Cleaning Co provide highly professional and the best driveway cleaning service. Throughout West Yorkshire, no one does it better than us. We are a family run business based in Halifax providing professional, cheap and best driveway cleaning services.

Driveways suffer a lot because of the abuse we do to them. Let the truth be told. We do not take regular care of our driveways. Resultantly, the oils, chemicals, stains and mud sticks to the surface that would not go away until given a pressure treatment. That is why you would need a trusted driveway cleaning service to do the job for you.

At the Exterior Cleaning Co, we have a team of professionals as well as the latest pressure equipment that takes away even the most stubborn stains easily. We are trained to clean all the debris that sticks to your driveways.

Residential Driveway Cleaning

Are you looking to have your driveway deep cleaned and pressure washed before selling or renting your home?

Our driveway cleaning team in Halifax will come out to your property at a time that suits you and thoroughly clean your driveway for you.

We have been cleaning driveways for many years and have the experience, expertise and equipment to get the job done with the minimum of fuss to you.

Commercial Driveway Cleaning

As well as residential driveway cleaning we also provide commercial driveway cleaning for customers throughout Halifax.

At Exterior Cleaning Co we have been cleaning driveways for commercial customers for many years and have everything in place to clean driveways on all types of properties including garage forecourts, offices, shops, warehouses and other commercial buildings.


Our Driveway Cleaning Service include:


Our driveway cleaning service takes good care of the following contaminants to the satisfaction of our customers.


  • Oils drops that are left behind on the driveway by vehicles
  • Muddy tire marks that stick to the driveway
  • The black marks of the tires of our vehicles
  • Transmission fluids spilled onto the driveway
  • Brake fluids that may be spilled intentionally or unintentionally
  • Rust marks from the old rusty objects in the driveway
  • Hard water stains
  • Paint marks, dust stains, and asphalt


Also, in the winter months in the UK, the driveways become slippery because of the overgrown organic matter. The weather in the UK is the real culprit here as the wetter and warmer winters aid in the growth of organic matter. In order to get rid of the overgrown mass, you would need a professional and deep clean of your driveway to remove all the weed, grass, algae, lichen, and moss.


Why do you need a professional driveway cleaning?
With the years of abuse, only a professional pressure wash can get you the clean looking driveway. Driveway cleaning service at Exterior Cleaning Co can get you the best job in the most affordable price range. There are other advantages of professional driveway cleaning also.

    • These are:
  • Professional driveway cleaning is much safer:

If you go for a DIY pressure cleaning of your driveway, you put your own safety and security at risk. The pressure from the nozzles can injure you severely. It is not recommended to operate a pressure water gun without wearing proper safety gear.


  • Professional driveway cleaning is much cheaper:

With a professional driveway cleaning service at the Exterior Cleaning Co, you would get the best deal. We charge a nominal amount and deliver 100% results.


  • Professional driveway cleaning is effective:

Professional driveway cleaning is effective as it not only cleans the driveway but also restores it to its original shape. We use dedicated substances for removing oils, greases and dirt that are highly effective and give the best results.


If you are looking for a driveway cleaning service in Halifax, contact us today.