Window Cleaning Made Easier

Old or new, clean windows appear nice. Windows are a functional part of our homes and work spaces as they allow light and air to cross. A clean and clear window glass is the first thing one notices around the room.


As transparent as they are, windows tend to attract dust. Leaving windows uncleaned would make the film of dust on the glass permanent which moisture and rain can convert into a muddy coating. It would not only hinder the passage of light but would also look bad.


In order to make the first impression of the room right, you need to focus on the cleaning of your windows. We have brought easy methods with which you can easily do the window cleaning.

Homemade Window Cleaning Hack


You can easily clean the windows using readily available home products. You can prepare an efficient window cleaning solution in no time. In order to prepare this solution, you need to mix one part white vinegar in ten parts of water. Put the solution in a spray bottle and your window cleaning solution is ready.


In order to clean the windows, you need to follow these steps:


  • First of all, thoroughly wipe the windows with a cloth or a paper towel. The choice of cloth is important. Choose a soft, clean and lint-free microfiber cloth in order to avoid scratching or producing streaks on the windows.
  • After the windows are wiped, spray the vinegar solution on the window glass. Focus on the dirty spots and spray on these spots to make them moist. After the glass has been sprayed with the solution, use the soft microfiber cloth to rub the surface of the glass. Remove all the stains and dirt spots.
  • Afterward, use another cloth to wipe off the solution from the glass.


The only precaution that you need to take during the process is that you should avoid using acid solution on the frame of the window as it might dull the color. You also need to quickly clean the solution to avoid streaks on the glass.

Professional Window Cleaning


If there are many windows that you wish to clean, there is another method that would help you. For this type of cleaning you need a scrubber preferably with a handle and a squeegee. Prepare your squeegee by fitting a new rubber blade inside it.


You also need to prepare a solution for window cleaning. For this type of cleaning, you need to mix liquid soap with sufficient quantity of water in a bucket that it forms ample leather. This method is preferably used to clean the outside of windows that are installed in a tall building.


To reach these windows, you would need a ladder. So, be prepared and don’t miss anything. Follow these steps to get the clean windows.


  • The first step is to scrub the solution onto the glass surface. Use the scrubber at all angles and make sure that you scrape all over the surface of the glass and you especially touch the corners.


  • Now you need to clean the glass surface by working with your squeegee. Use the tip of the squeegee to align with the tip of the glass and work horizontally cleaning the window. Then work again down the first stroke to get a clean window.


  • Make sure to clean the squeegee after every stroke. For cleaning the squeegee, you need to use a cloth that is soft and lint-free. In this way, you can get a clean glass surface with minimum hassle.


  • Sometimes, the edges of the window remain wet as the squeegee is unable to get into the corners properly. In order to clean the corners, use a microfiber cloth. You just need to run the microfiber cloth along with the perimeter of the window and then all is done for good.


Things to avoid when cleaning windows


  • You should avoid using certain window cleaners that use ammonia or alcohol. It is because they do more harm than good. Although it appears that a strong cleaning agent would produce good results, the facts are against it. Alcohol and ammonia-based cleaners are prone to leave streaks on the glass surface. Further, they leave a film of chemicals that attract dirt and make the cleaning difficult.


  • You should never use a razor on the glass surface. Razors tend to damage the glass that can be easily damaged later on. No matter how strong the stains are, never use a razor on the glass.


  • Use a smooth and soft cloth for window cleaning. A rough cloth can never get the same results as the soft one. A microfiber cloth is ideal for window cleaning.


  • If after cleaning, the glass is left with streaks then simply use water over the glass surface and clean it with a microfiber cloth.

Benefits of professionally clean windows

Clean windows are a must if you want to present a tidy look of the space. Professionally clean windows using the methods above will leave your windows free of dirt for a longer time. The overall appearance of the room would change after you have cleaned the windows.


Regular cleaning also extends the life of your windows. The glass remains scratch free and it allows more sunlight into the room. Further, cleaning regularly will keep your windows rust free.


Unclean windows might get moist and attract water in the corners. This water might become a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes. Regular cleaning is going to avoid such situations. You can inspect your windows also while cleaning them. In this way, you would be aware of the window problems.


Window cleaning should be done on a regular basis. A homemade vinegar solution can help in the regular cleaning of the windows. However, if the number of windows to be cleaned is more, use the scrubber and squeegee method to get the cleaning done easily.