Window Cleaning - Halifax.

Halifax Window Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for a Window Cleaning Company who are reliable, friendly and want nothing but the best for their customer’s, you have found us!

The Exterior Cleaning Co don’t only clean the glass on your property but also all accessible Doors, Frames & Sills. With the use of up to date equipment, we can reach most ‘hard to reach’ Windows and generally can clean over 50ft high.

As well as traditional window cleaning we offer pure water window cleaning. Using pure water for window cleaning allows us not to use ladders to reach upstairs windows eliminating possibiity of damaging your property.

What is pure water?

You may think that tap water looks clean but a lot of dissolved chemicals and minerals are lurking within. The amount will vary from area to area (Hard & Soft water regions). These minerals (mainly consisting of calcium and magnesium) are what leave white residues on the glass.

The water purification technology we use de-mineralises and de-ionises tap water to remove these impurities and produce pure water.

The nature of water means it does not like being pure and it strives to return to its impure state. To do this it absorbs dirt particles from the glass thus aiding the cleaning process.

Another benefit of using purified water with the impurities removed is that we do not need to squeegee the windows, we simply rinse the glass after cleaning them with the brush and pure water to leave them to dry naturally for an excellent streak-free finish.

Yur Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

If you are not happy with the result within 24 hours, we will come back and clean again for FREE.

Residential Window Cleaning

The Exterior Cleaning Co is the name you can trust for all your domestic window cleaning needs. We have the knowledge and experience to provide a range of services to the very highest of standards.

Whether you prefer the traditional window cleaning method, or the reach and wash method, we do it all.

Using a wide variety of equipment, we can clean hard to reach windows with ease. We only use premium quality cleaning solutions that are safe and environmentally-friendly.

Commercial Window Cleaning

With high competition in the world of business, no matter if it is a Bar, Restaurant, Office or Shop showing a professional front is extremely important. Everything starts from cleanliness. Even if the building is free from dirt and visibly clean, dirty windows have a negative result on your image. It is important to give as much focus on this aspect of maintenance as you do on others.

In order to get in an edge on competition and improve business prospects, it is important for companies to have positive influence on vendors, partners, potential, and existing clients.

Every part of your office needs to be thoroughly clean, bright, shining and this includes your windows. Irrespective of the type and location, our commercial cleaning solutions will make the dirtiest window appear like new. You do not need to worry if it is hard to reach or located at heights.

The Exterior Cleaning Co pleased to bring you a fully comprehensive, professional office window cleaning service helping you to leave good first impression to all of the customers visiting you.

Our commercial window cleaning can be carried out at intervals to suit your business needs and ensure minimal disruption to your working day. Many clients have this daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.